April - September 2011

Once again, work on the exterior of the coach has been slow these last months. This was due to a lot of time and effort being concentrated towards making the front of the Nord Express display presentable and even more time on the Café extension that IRPS Enterprise was contracted to build for the NVR.

Despite the large workload however progress has not altogether ceased. A few months ago the coach was given a very thorough cleaning inside, turning up all kinds of debris & dead things! But the main point of concentration has by far and large been the window frames and hoppers.

Each hopper takes an alarming amount of time to restore, or in the majority of cases, build from scratch. So any time work commenced on 3916 it was usually these that dominated our days.

Pictures from the window hopper construction procedure can be seen below with descriptions in the pop up boxes:

3916aluminium 3916aluminium2 3916restoredhopper 3916newhopper2 3916newhopper4 3916newhopper3 3916newhopper 3916hopper 3916newhopper5

Another job that was completed recently was the removal of every radiator from the coach ready for restoration:


 Photo taken in June of the coach at night.