October 2009

Work continues on the vestibule end fabrication, but with a new working member having joined the team, work is now commencing on the corridor side.

Many windows are completely seized and many of the window recesses are heavily corroded externally in the corners, but more extensively on the inside. The opening windows drain internally, with the water exiting the coach via small holes where the chassis joins the coach sides. Rust in this area has caused the plate to corrode and pop the rivets, leading to flaring of the side plate. This also, being structural, requires extensive attention.

Firstly, the internal wooden paneling has been removed, allowing the window mechanism and fittings to be extracted. Each wooden part is labeled, but many have a Wagon-Lits stamp from when they were built, with car number and window number included.

With the fixed window the internal sills are heavily corroded, these are in two parts, the cover unscrews, while the main support is welded and has to be cut out.

The window corners are then carefully cut out, when beyond repair. Following this we then needle gun around the window aperture, prime and undercoat to protect the plate after rust treatment.