January - February 2013

Since the official launch work has mainly concentrated on the refurbishment of the heating and air intake system on the side of the railbus. This was reassembled for the launch, but we have taken the decision to rebuild it properly. There is a metal plate that should drain the water underneath the bodywork when it gets through the vent on the side. However over the years this had rotted away as the vent had not been closed. This caused much water damage and the vehicle to effectively rot from the inside out. This meant a lot of the floor had to be replaced when we restored the vehicle. However to sort out this problem, a lot of the seats that had been put in for the launch have had to come out. A slow and time consuming job, but it will save a lot of headaches in the long run.

A number of other areas have also been repainted so the vehicle is due to get a permanent fitness to run exam very shortly. Following this, crew training will begin before we start to run passenger services with the vehicle.

Also included is a picture from when we had to move 1212 to a different point in the yard during the recent snow we had.

Joel works on the vent 1212 in the snow