June - October 2012

An incredible amount of work has gone on the railbus in the late summer and autumn. A full update with pictures will follow in due course, but as a brief summary, work has included:

  • Completing the external bodywork overhaul including filling, priming, and painting
  • All windows have been replaced by safety glass
  • Seats have been stripped:
    • The upholstery has been given a heavy clean.
    • All the metal framework has been sanded back to bare metal and repainted.
    • All the wooden trim and each arm rest (Each pair of seats has 3, so in total there are over 70 armrests alone) have been sanded by hand and revarnished.
  • Water had been getting into the heating duct on the side of the vehicle, rotting a large area of the floor, so a large area of the floor has been replaced, taking a number of weeks.
  • All air tanks have been ultrasonically tested.
  • All the air operated doors have been removed and overhauled.
  • The whole interior has been given a very deep clean.
  • A test and gauging run took place the week before the event to make sure the vehicle fitted down the line.

The final week saw a lot of midnight oil being burnt. We estimate that around 4-500 man hours were spent on the vehicle. Some 21 hour days were put in, with some midnight, and pre-dawn oil being burnt by a lot of people on a number of days before the launch.

Huge thanks and congratulations must go to everyone involved in the restoration of the vehicle. Naming names would inevitably lead to someone being missed out, so a big thank you to everyone. You know who you are!

Work does not stop here however. While we got the vehicle up to a standard for one run, there were a number of problems that we simply ran out of time to fix. Over the winter these will be sorted so that crew training and some passenger services can occur for fare paying passengers during 2013.

If you'd like to hire the railbus out for an event or a trip down the line, don't hesitate to get in touch via the normal channels!