January - March 2012:

Since the turn of the year, work has ploughed ahead on the railbus. We started by stripping the passengers section of the interior and set about determining the condition of the floor, walls and framework.  

The front end of 1212 has been stripped of windows, buffers, lights nd any other fittings, to allow us access to some corroded metalwork and so work can be undertaken on each part individually.

All corroded metalwork has been cut from the front end and the framework cleaned up. The majority of the frame is in good condition with only small sections requiring repairing or strengthening.

Keeping with the front end theme, as mentioned above, the double glazed windows and the interior walls have been removed from one side of the cab. The windows themselves will only need cleaning up, but unfortunately many of the window frames are corroded beyond repair. The wall panels had to be discarded as the wood had rotted right through.

The bottom of the railbus has received a thorough clean-up and repaint to protect it from the elements.

Inside, the heating ducts have been given a new coat of paint and many of the smaller parts, such as bins, have also been restored.

We were given permission by the NVR to move the Railbus just inside one of the old sheds for a few months, this change in location came just in time as the weather took a turn for the worse this week and would have stopped most of the work in the photos above from happening. This also provides valuable protection for the bus until we can make it weatherproof once more.

The next couple of weekends were devoted to the removal of corroded window frames and preparing the framework for the fitting of new panels.

In order to fit the new metal sheets to the railbus, the front end door had to be removed for restoration:

While the new plate was being fabricated, a number of other tasks were undertook, such as needle gunning the roof, removing a restoring exterior parts and cleaning up rusting metal.