July 2014

Since the last update the cab has had the majority of the framework replaced with new metalwork, and it has been completely reskinned with new metal work, including the roof panels.

Although the locomotive came to the NVR in working order there was a low power issue which was known to be a cylinder head gasket which had blown, so an engine strip down was on the cards.

When the engine was dismantled it was discovered that on #3 cylinder head there was a hairline crack between the inlet and exhaust valve seats. It was though that this would be opening up with the heat and pressures of operating, causing poor running, and the low power. We have been searching for spare parts for some time, without success (though this has now changed), so a replacement head was not an option. As such the services of Cast Iron Welding Services ltd was called upon and they gas fusion welded the head and rebuild the seats, and used a preferred machine shop to skim the head, and lap the vales to the seats.

The engine has now been 98% reassembled (the exhaust/silencer is current removed so each output can be checked) and spinning it over has shown compression to be good. The loco has moved under its own power, and apart from general setting up (tappets, etc.) expected after a rebuild it ran very well.

The loco has received the first of its top coast of paint on the majority of body work, and the final livery of DB Orient Red can now be seen. There are a few more coast to be applied, and vinyl’s and detailing to do too. The windows and doors will be refitted once all the bodywork has received at least two coats of topcoat.

IRPS and Northumbria Rail, and epically Dave Shell would like to thank those that have worked on the project so far, and those that have provided/offered advice, assistance, etc.

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