March 2014

The Kof had temporary aluminium panels fitted to the cab sides when it was sent to Eastleigh with the plan that these would be renewed at a later date. Unfortunately this never occurred during its time at Eastleigh, and so this was on the cards after arrival at Wansford. It was also known that some of the steel panels were corroded. On inspection it was found that the corrosion was worse than thought so the decision was made to reskin the cab.

On removal of the old metalwork it was found that a lot of the angle iron framework was found to be quite corroded too where water/damp had got between the metal sheet and the angle on the corners. There were also places where it was out of alignment, or not even attached to anything (possibly part of the narrowing work), so a further decision was made to renew some of this framework too.

We are now in the position where almost all metal sheeting has been removed from the cab, including the roof, and measuring up is now been undertaken ready to order new metal.

This will result in a much sturdier cab, and will also give us the opportunity to alter some of the positioning of gauges and pipe runs, etc. Work is also being undertaken to add safety devices such as a emergency brake valve on the secondman's side, which is the British driving position.

Unfortunate all this work is taking longer than expected, especially when combined with other projects, such as restoring the ALCo and keeping 1212 in service. As such the decision has been made to withdraw the Kof from operating service trains during the Spring diesel gala. We do hope, however than we will be able to display the Kof along with the other shunters.

kof shed kofcab 01 kofcab 02