Summer 2012

One of the main things to focus on at the start of any project is publicity and presentation. Much of the start of the summer was taken up by tidying up the area near 996 that the public will be able to access free of charge in the area next to Railworld. This involved strimming, weedkilling and generally making the area a lot more presentable. This has also included making display boards. As a temporary measure these have laminated A4 sheets on them, but they will be replaced by proper signs in the fullness of time

 signs01 sings02

On a physical front, work has concentrated on the rear of the tender (which passengers from the NVR first see as their train comes into Peterborough Nene Valley Station). Red oxide had been aplied to various parts of the locomotive some time previous. This has become very tired and shabby looking so it requires a lot a needle gunning to take it back to bare metal and built up layers of rust treatment, primer, undercoat and top coat to a much higher standard.

Work has mainly progressed thanks to youth group member Lewis Morrisey, abley assisted by other members of the youth group and IRPS team. Working from the bottom-rear up, attention has been given to the outside of the chassis, bufferbeam, buffers and fitting on the rear of the tender tank so far. 

tendersolebarundercoat tenderdetailgunning tenderdetailprimer