December 2013

Work has progressed steadily on Frank during 2013 whislt the engine is away.

This is included regular evening sessions on the loco so we are now at the stage where we can realistically not procede much further without the engine. This has included work on the transmission and the brakes, replacing the buffers and buffer beams and general painting and cleaning of the loco.

The engine itself is becoming something of a work of art. Originally taken on as a project for apprentices, many hours of work have now been spent on it with all parts meticulously overhaulled or replaced as required. It has been placed on a test bed twice in November, but is now recieving additional work on the injectors. Once the engine returns, a return to traffic should be relatively straight forward. At Ferry Meadows it will certainly be useful to have two locos (Frank and the newly aquired German Kof loco available for shunting)


frank nov13 01 frank nov13 02 Frank engine nov13 1 Frank engine nov13