Matheran Light Railway 740

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Railworld was pleased to be able to conclude the sale of Matheran Light Railway (MLR) 740 to the South Tynedale railway where it will be restored to full operational condition. For information on the South Tynedale railway follow this link to their website:

Technical Specifications

Due to the tight curves on the MLR, 740 is an articulated 0-6-0. The locos were built by Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin embodying the Klein-Lindner patents for articulation. This articulation is interesting in that it is closer to the Heywood design than Klien-Linder, only the centre axle having side play. The outer axles are ‘radial’ only. A further interesting detail is the method employed for transmitting side movement of the centre axle connon to the radial axles. In these locomotives with the trailing axle behind the firebox, a longitudinal shaft runs beneath the axles and ashpan, with three upstanding levers to provide interconnection. Outwardly, these locomotives give no clue to their system of articulation, appearing to be conventional, long-wheelbased 0-6-0 tank engines.


2ft (610mm)

Length over buffers

21ft (6.40m)


10ft (3.05m)


6ft (1.83m)


Empty 15 tons, working order 18 tons

Axle load

6 tons

Tractive effort

81,101 lbs at 85% boiler pressure


2 – 11 ¾ “ bore x 13 ¾ “ stroke

Grate area

7 square ft



Boiler pressure

176 PSI (12 Bar)

  740 plan 


No. 740 was built in 1907 for the Matheran Light Railway by Orenstein & Koppel of Berlin. This railway provided access to the hill resort of Matheran, around half way between Bombay and Pune (Poona). The line was 12 ½ miles of 2 foot gauge line. The ruling gradient was 1:30, though much of the line is as steep as 1:20. Many of the curves are 60’ radius, the sharpest being 45’.

The locos were very successful in service and the fleet of four locomotives worked the line exclusively until the introduction of diesels in 1965. After this the locomotives continued in service alongside the diesels until they were withdrawn in 1982. MLR 740 was given a Periodic Overhaul six months before final withdrawal. The engine was acquired by the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum and arrived in the UK on 28th November 1986. It was donated to Railworld in 1991. MLR 740 was in service on the Leighton Buzzard Railway between 2003 and 2008.

All four members of the class are preserved, however No. 740 is the only locomotive of the class outside India as the other three are all in Indian Museums. This makes 740 the only locomtive outside India showcasing the Klien-Lindner/Heywood articulation method. Test

A video of 740 and her classmates in action on the MLR can be seen at from 3.10 onwards.

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